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wheelsnext.com Reviews

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  • Wheelsnext.com are crooks!!!

    I purchased rims from them in June. They contacted me and told me the rims I ordered were out of stock and would I like an upgrade. So, I did. When I received the rims, they had the wrong tires on them and the rims were used/damaged. I contacted the company, after numerous attempts, I they informed me they would credit my card for the two damaged rims ($150 each-$300), never saw it. The rims also were missing the center caps...they sent me an invoice showing the center caps would be sent...never saw them. Whomever owned that company should be set in front a firing squad. Straight... More...
    swill004's Picture   swill004    0 Comments   Comments
  • wheelsnext back ordered

    called them about a set of wheels and they said they had them in stock. I ordered the wheels and 4 hours later get a e-mail saying they are out of stock. called them and asked what was up and said 30 to 40 days back ordered. i told them to cancel the order and the guy told me no problem and that my card had not been ran yet. well 4 days later i get a charge from them, could not get through to talk to anyone for days and when i did they said it had be canceled but would take 7 to 10 days to get my money back it has been 14 days and no moneye. would never deal with this company More...
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    boehmer's Picture   boehmer    0 Comments   Comments
  • never again!!!

    I will never buy from wheels next again. They forgot my lugs and my hub rings while i was in Afghanistan. When i got home i called to see if they could fix the problem. when i finally talked to someone who i thought could help me i was told they would be sending out the lugs and hub rings and i would get a tracking #. A week later, when i didn't get a tracking # i called again and the lugs and hub rings were never set to ship out and they told me that they could put in an order but i would have to pay for them. I then asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold and then hung up on.... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    s2kballa's Picture   s2kballa    0 Comments   Comments
  • wheelsnext

    I am a vary pissed off person!this company is doing the same thing to me as all the rest of the hard working Americans and i am going to freak out if i dont get my order that i placed a month ago. Can someone please tell me how the hell you are still in buisness?I would like my rims and tiers that i worked my ass off to pay for, this is bullshit! i have allready talked with my atterny and have all the paper work I need to take action, WILL SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME? More...
    IMBeingRobbed's Picture   IMBeingRobbed    2 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service

    I orderd wheels over a month ago. In my e-mail invoice they stated I would have the wheels/ tires in 12 days..6 weeks later many phone calls to a constant busy signal and no one ever answering my e-mail I finally called my credit card company for help..Thankfully they cancelled the payment and will reimburse me in 6 weeks..DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.............. More...
    uledome's Picture   uledome    1 Comments   Comments
  • Wheelsnext Nightmare

    I ordered a set of tires that turned out to be 'out of round' and of poor quality. Severe vibration on hwy driving, so we paid for tires to be checked out. Wheelsnext asked for tires back so they could test them and give me a prorated amount back. They have kept my tires and won't return them unless I pay for s&h back to me. They also are not giving me anything for the tires or the testing that I paid for. They assured me the $600 would be credited back to me. Terrible customer service, will not even return emails or phone call. I even made complaint with BBB, there... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    dd38's Picture   dd38    0 Comments   Comments
  • NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

    After 60+ days of my purchase not being received, i requested a refund. Now it's been nearly a month since i have requested the refund. I still have not received it. They have had my money for nearly 3 months total and i have nothing to show for it. They also keep anyone on hold for approx. 20+ minutes to ensure you hang up prior to being serviced. TERRIBLE SERVICE! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    neojest's Picture   neojest    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay away

    On 08/20/11 I ordered wheels online from wheelsnext.com. On 8/22/11 Ralph called and left voicemail for me to call him. I tried immediatley to return call but couldnt get ahold of anybody. I then called back 8/23/11 he said the wheels that I had picked are no longer available from the manufacturer. Said he would send me an email with like wheels to choose from. I chose my wheels and called his voicemail for him to call me. He called me back at the end of the day and said it would be no problem I would have the wheels in two weeks he would keep me up to date emailing me all the info. On... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    myworldmine's Picture   myworldmine    1 Comments   Comments
  • Do not order from here !

    Before knowing about this company I placed an order for 4 rims. The price looked good. After 2 weeks I had not received any confirmation of any sort. I sent an email asking for a ship date and was informed my rims were 'special order' and it would take at least 20 days more to get them in. I have a 2001 ford explorer.....not really a special order vehicle. I will have pay pal take care of these idiots. Dont waste your time with this 'company' More...
    gypsyleif's Picture   gypsyleif    1 Comments   Comments

    July 20, 2011 I purchased a $1212 combo wheels & tires. I was told at that time it would take 12-14 days to receive them. On July 22nd I received an e-mail stating my address on the credit card was not correct. So I corrected it the following Mon. 25th. On the 29th I e-mailed my sales rep asking if they had been shipped and he responded with "Your wheels have been special order i will have tracking information on your order by Tuesday or wens-day". Obviously can't spell that shoulda been my first sign of trouble. On 8/3/11 I asked again any word on my wheels being shipped... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    SMOKE14's Picture   SMOKE14    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Experience

    I spoke to Wheels Next rep to order a set of wheels for my car to ensure they were right. They called the manufacturer who ensured they would fit. The wheels showed up and would not fit, so I was advised by them to go to a local shop and get hub centric spacers. Well, 432.00 later they made the wheel fit the car but the wheels stuck out really far, not good. The wheels got picked up and sent back and I have been trying to get my money back for 8 months now and I keep getting the run around....no problem, gimme a week, gimme 4 days......sitting at almost 9 months now and still... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    freeman090703's Picture   freeman090703    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost effective but slow

    Lots of complaints out there about this company but other than being a bit slow to fill the order I dont really have any complaints. The price was excellent, rims and tires showed up in perfect condition with everything I needed for install. Staff was friendly and helpful and when they were out of the rims I selected they called and offered me a more expensive rim at the same price. They were slow to fill and ship the order but for the price who cares. If you need tires and rims right away you dont order online anyway. More...
    buttercup99's Picture   buttercup99    0 Comments   Comments

    This is the worst online company I have EVER used!! I placed my order on July 11th 2011 of 4 rims & tires mounted and balanced with hardware. The first response I recieved was 3-4 days later confirming the order. I waited another week still not recieving the product or any communication I emailed my sales rep. The rep replied "the rims are special order I am at the mercy of the rim company, once the container gets here they will ship".....another week passes w/ no product and still no communication. I call 3x's and email 2x's finally getting an email response that... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    rNY1's Picture   rNY1    1 Comments   Comments
  • still waiting for tires

    i will never recommened or order from these kids again at first the web site looks good but deciving i called on june 22/11 and was told that half the rims i was looking at were not in stock i finally setteled on some 20's with rubber sean tells me after i place my order that it will take 10 to 15 days i can live with that sure enough the bill me rightaway and 15 days go by no tracking number and no tires after calling them the told me tires were on back order a week goes by dtill nothing so i call back again wait 30 minutes just to be told that the wrong tires came in seams like they... More...
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    Biggdog's Picture   Biggdog    1 Comments   Comments
  • Wheels Next are CONS

    Wheels next use Your money to pay for the last customers wheels meaning You wont get your wheels until someone else orders wheels that cost the same or more! Furthermore they will give you the runaround and lie to your face until they get your wheels in. After 3 weeks of being lied to by sales rep ROBERT RAPP and being told my wheels shipped 2 times when they clearly did not I finally cancelled my order... You would think I would get my refund that day right? No, I had to file with paypal and only then did I get my money back. Do not waste yopur time with these con men they will rip... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    unico's Picture   unico    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sucked

    I will never recomend this site to anyone. They shipped my delievery a week late, sent me the wrong rim. Didnt even bother to care that they sent me the wrong rim, had to call 5 times, be put on hold and forgot about for 30 min, once I was put on hold and then the message came on that customer service was closed for the day. I was really pissed off. Wont bother to try and work it out with me at all. Dont even bother emailing them they wont email you back. It sounds like all they want is their money and thats it. I had to call and cancel my credit card order in order for them to even want to... More...
    cengler2's Picture   cengler2    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stay Away From Wheelsnext.com

    You want to know why there are so many bad reviews on this company. That is because this company takes your order, charges it and then uses that money to pay for another order that is 2-4 weeks old. That is why your order takes so long to ship. They are ion debt with their vendors. Stay away...the price is not worth the headache you will endure. If you have canceled an order and are waiting for a refund, I suggest you just file a charge back. You will get your money back quicker. You may ask how do I know this? Take it from someone who worked there and could not continue working... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    cenrique28's Picture   cenrique28    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wheelsnext order review

    well look's like they tried to pull same old scam again, this time might have not worked out in their favor. The following is the result of my experience in my dealings with wheelsnext, I'm just going to skip to the end result, because when I read previous complaints on this company the hairs in back of my ballz stood up, I seen my story over and over again im suprised no one has done nothing about it (legally of course) So it is Hello We've processed your recent claim that someone used your account without your permission for this transaction, and decided the case... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    username2011's Picture   username2011    1 Comments   Comments
  • Complaints

    If you purchased tires and/or rims online from Wheelsnext.com it is highly likely that you have been the victim of an interstate crime. Wheel Next Inc. is known to sell defective goods placing you and your family at significant risk of injury. (see BBB review at http://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/automobile-parts-wholesale/wheels-next-in-doral-fl-31002338) If you believe that you have been a victim contact your credit card company and the Florida State Attorney. (see below) Main office mailing address Office of Attorney General State of Florida The Capitol... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    neveragain123's Picture   neveragain123    4 Comments   Comments

    After having ordered a combo wheels and tires at Wheelsnext in Florida I want to share my experience I was really taken care of by the people working there and the prices are very competitives I also appriciate Mr Danny GONZALEZ he e mailed me a few times and called me at home to make sure that evething was ok so iM VERY HAPPY WITH MY DEAL More...
    BRUNETTI's Picture   BRUNETTI    0 Comments   Comments

    Not only they have the best prices, they have the best service I have ever received. I have bought rims before and I have never been treated with more respect and had everything go so well. I am in California ordering from a place in Florida and i was skeptical about it all and turned out being the best choice i have ever made in terms of ordering off the internet. Great customer service over the phone. It was only 20$ to ship 4 rims and 4 tires across country with wheelsnext. Unbelievable experience, Strongly reccomend doing business with them and I will be doing business with them if i... More...
    FrdMstngGT05's Picture   FrdMstngGT05    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amazing

    Hello for everyone who is saying the wheelsnext is horrible I'm sorry to say that I disagree I got my wheels with the tires I perfect condition it took about three weeks but for the price I can't complain at all I called almost every other day to check what was the the status of the wheels becaouse it took a while for me to get a tracking number but once I did get my number my wheels where here in four days they look great and for everyone who is complaining think about the price your paying it's cheap so waiting a few weeks isn't a big deal and I had a great sales... More...
    Montes's Picture   Montes    0 Comments   Comments

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